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The coroner’s report stated Herbert Brand Hedger was 41 years old and was a fireman who resided at Bennett Street, Norwood.  On 21 January 1914, he was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital.  At about 5.30 p.m. on 30 January 1914, he died at the Adelaide Hospital.  The doctor adds that there is a probability that Herbert Hedger was suffering from an injury to his head.

The deceased was under the care of Doctor Swift, Surgeon at the hospital and Doctor’s Rennie and Mayo, Resident Medical Officers.  Doctor Mayo states the deceased was suffering from thrombosis of the brain, and also an abscess near the left ear, and no operation was performed except to open the abscess.

The deceased, prior to being admitted into the hospital, became overheated in a fire and took a chill.  Doctor Mayor states that he is willing to certify with the approval of the city coroner.

A statement from Thomas William Bland, station officer of the Fire Brigade Norwood states:

I received a call at 12.50 a.m. on Monday 5 January 1914 to Buttery and Son furniture factory in Rundle Street, Kent Town.  On arrival, the deceased was told off to sink a standpipe which was between 40 to 50 feet from the fire.  the deceased was in the act of clearing the valve prior to sinking the standpipe, when the roof fell in and the flames rising suddenly above the walls was caught by the wind and driven downwards, and then flashed across the road in the direction of the deceased. 

I next saw the deceased lying on the road close by the fire plug.  The deceased on recovering after a few seconds reported to me, owing to the intense heat, he was unable to sink the standpipe, and replied I was bowled clean out.  There was a slight burn on his hand.

Six days afterwards, the deceased complained of drowsiness, and later on the deceased feeling no better, I advised him to go home which he did.

After the death of Herbert Hedger, his wife and two children were awarded compensation.  Here is an extract from the newspaper of the time.

Discrepancies in the coroner’s report of 1914

The coroner’s report stated that Herbert Brand lived at Bennett Street, Norwood.  There is no Bennett Street, Norwood nor was there in 1914.  Research shows that in 1914, Bennett Street was in Maylands as it is today.  But there was no record that I can locate of Herbert Brand or his family living in Maylands. 

From Trove – newspaper article

In a Local Court case, in which a claim made against the Fire Brigades Board in connection with the death Herbert Brand Hedger, one time had charge of the Port Pirie Station, through injuries sustained at a fire on January 5, His Honour found that the widow, Mrs. Emily Elizabeth Hedger, was wholly dependent upon the deceased and that the two children—Nellie was partially dependent, and Herbert Keith Hedger was wholly dependent. He ordered the Public Trustee to pay £300 and interest to the widow at the rate of £1 per week.

Sands and McDougall

I did some further research through Sands and McDougall, and it shows that Herbert Brand Hedger lived at three addresses from 1910 – 1914 as listed below.  I am unable to ascertain where he lived prior to 1910.

Herbert Brand Hedger lived at the following address from 1910 – 1914.

1910 – 1912         90 Wakefield Street

1913                    157 Parade, Norwood

1914                    197 Parade, Norwood

The following records show that Emily Elizabeth Hedger lived at the following two addresses until 1968.  I am unable to access information re her whereabouts after 1968.

1915 – 1920       187 Parade, Norwood

1921 – 1968        44 Elizabeth Street, Norwood

Further records show that Emily’s son, Herbert Keith Hedger was living with his mother at 44 Elizabeth Street, Norwood from 1935 – 1968.  It may be presumed, Herbert Keith Hedger lived with his mother prior to 1935, but this was not recorded in Sands and McDougall.  From 1969 – 1979, Herbert Keith Hedger was recorded at living at this address.  There are no records available as to details of who lived at this address after 1973 or the whereabouts of Herbert Keith Hedger.

I have not been able to access any information about the daughter.

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